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What sets us apart from other florist is that we offer a variety of flowers, including long-lasting, dried, and fresh flower arrangements. With us, you can find the right floral solution to meet any style, functionality, or budget requirements.

Our unique, long-lasting flowers are guaranteed to always look beautiful and vibrant for up to 4 months without any maintenance. No watering or sunlight needed! Our long-lasting flowers are also more cost effective than having fresh flowers. We can save you up to 50% off on your annual floral budget!

We have an option to satisfy any of your needs!

Our Services

We offer flexible subscription services which includes the following:

  • Reduced pricing (with a 1 year minimum requirement)

  • Bespoke vases will be provided on loan for all your installations

  • We will deliver, install, and breakdown all the flowers

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee that our flowers will always look fresh & vibrant. If there are any problems, we will replace at NO cost to you.

Contact us below and we will work with you to customize a design perfect for your space!

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SALES@MAJESTICBLOOM.COM   /  Tel. 415-289-9388

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