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Hotel Desk Check-In

Always Predictable & Beautiful

What sets us apart from other florist is that we offer both fresh-cut arrangements and long-lasting flower arrangements. With us, you can find the right floral solution to meet any style or budget requirements.


Our unique, long-lasting flowers are guaranteed to always look beautiful for months or even up to  1 year without any maintenance. No watering or sunlight needed! Our long-lasting flowers are also more cost effective than having fresh flowers. We can save you up to 50% off on your annual floral budget!

Our Services

We offer flexible subscription services for your hotel. With our subscription, you will get:

  • Reduced pricing (with a 1 year minimum requirement)

  • Bespoke vases will be provided on loan for all your installations

  • We will deliver, install, and breakdown all the flowers

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee that our flowers will always look fresh & vibrant. if there are any problems, we will replace at NO cost to you.

My Process

1. Initial Consultation: This is where we will work together with you to understand your needs and vision for your hotel and then we will design a custom floral solution that will meet your brand standards as well as budget and annual goals for your hotel florals.

2. Proposal:  Within a week, I will submit a floral proposal for your review and approval. The proposal will include the proposed style of flower design, total cost and logistics required to execute.

3. Contract: The contract will outline everything we’ve agreed upon in the Proposal including scope of work, completion date, and the number of hours it will take us to design your floral installation. We do require a 50% deposit of the first month’s subscription cost to start any services.

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